Deer Management Plan

The Mid-West Deer Management Plan and associated maps and appendices are listed below.

The Plan has recently been reviewed to cover the period 2023-28, and any comments can be made to the Secretary of the Group at

Updated Plan 2023-28

MW DMP Background Information & Policies

Working Plan

Habitat Monitoring plots by property

Properties are asked to monitor the allocated minimum number of plots on a three year cycle.

East Population model

Objective for East side is to maintain a steady population of 8 deer per sq km.

West Population model

Objective for west side is to almost halve population to 5.8 per sq km within 5 years, or sooner if this is practicable.


MW Location Map

MW Members Map

MW Reporting Units Map

MW Management Objectives Map

MW Community Councils Map

MW Land over 600 metres map

MW SSSI & SAC Designated sites map

MW Landscape Designations map

MW Other Designations map

MW NWSS Woodland impacts map

2006 Deer Density map

2011 Deer Density map

MW 2017 Deer Density map

MW2021 Deer Density map

MW Distribution of dry heath and blanket bog map

MW Deer- Vehicle collisions map


Appendix 1 MW DMG Designated Sites Information

Appendix 2 Monitoring of Designated sites

Appendix 3 – Land Cover Type

Appendix 4 – Best Practice Habitat Assessment Guides

Appendix 5 – Carbon rich soil, deep peat & priority peatland map

Appendix 6 – National Forestry Inventory for Mid-West DMG area

Appendix 7 – Chronic Wasting Disease: Protecting Scotland’s Deer Leaflet

Appendix 8 Habitat Type summary

Appendix 10 Deer Information Required

Appendix 11 Mid West DMG Constitution

MW Deer larder sheet- MALES

MW Deer Larder Sheet- FEMALES